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Systems: The only way to scale a business

I’ve recently read a book called the “E-Myth Revisited” by Michael Gerber. It was an eye-opener.

It’s all about systems. Pretend you want to franchise out your business. The keyword is “pretend”.

Without systems who would want to actually buy your franchise?

So it begins with improving the systems you have and creating systems that the lowest possible skilled person can operate it.

see, businesses should be run by systems and the systems should be run by people.

I talked in a previous blog about what areas to look at to improve your business.

I will expand more on how to improve those areas. and it’s a three-step phase as well. in this order:

Innovation –> Quantification –> Orchestration

Brainstorm ideas on how to improve. Experiment. Run tests. then quantify the results. after cycling through the first two and coming across the results you orchestrate it so you implement it into a more permanent system in your business for your employees to run with. They’re only job is to suggest ways to improve the system since they are the ones using it and experiencing it day to day. They’ll gain more experience on how to improve the systems.

Our first step (after building our website, which btw is taking a god-awful long time) is increasing our marketing so we get more business but it won’t be long until we need to systematize our procedures so we can run a well-oiled money printing machine and hire and train employees to help run it. And even as we increase our revenue, our sales and our profit there will be room to improve our systems as well.

Simple systems we’re working on now is creating case studies templates where it should only take someone 30 minutes to fill in the template. (or even 15 minutes) or less!!

anyways that’s kind of my first step and we’ll see how it goes…

until next time.

Nick Man



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