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I’ve never tried to put these thoughts and frameworks out to the public before. These are ideas I’ve been working through my head and I’ve spent easily 150+ hours building listening to the lessons David Mills has recorded in an online course called OMG.

The general concept or framework is starting with a foothold (something you know is true) and building from there. I know my writing might not be clear and concise as I’d like it to be but this is the start in my attempt to build my knowledge to the point where I can communicate it effectively and efficiently.

There are so many lessons but you have to start somewhere so let’s begin.

Any answer you want comes from asking the right question. Once you have the right question(s) you start building and creating. Much of these things are in our minds which we need to sort out.

For example think of a bull that get’s angry when it sees the red cloth a bullfighter is waving. It’s not the red that is making the bull mad. It’s the red that’s translating and firing a bunch of connections inside the bulls head that’s causing this reaction. At a deep level the world doesn’t exist from force and forces. Force and forces don’t cause things to happen just like colors. There are reasons for the forces just like there are reasons for colors. We interepret certain wavelengths as colours and we give it meaning.

We create color in our minds.

Another example is a video game which is just a  simulation. There aren’t any actual forces in the game just a preset configuration that’s coded mixed with the actions the player is making. There’s no actual movement either. just the perception of movement because the pixels are just turning on and off and changing colours.

The world is like that when you interact with it. When you’re dealing with people, businesses or making plans to achieve something you want.

we’re constantly mixing concepts/ personalities, current thinking methods with memories.

ex. If you want someone to become your client. They are the way they are, then the environment they’re in will affect them and so will timing. Then the angle that you approach it will be something else that will mix and depending on the things that mix together the results are what come out. For those results there were only some ingredients that you have control over although you can set it up to have the most leverage.

A persons’ response is a product of both environment, time and their own mindset and understanding. You only have control of their “environment” which could alter their mindset and understanding. and you can chose the timing. These are things that mix.

Perhaps It’s easier to start by trying to understand ourselves because in a way the more you understand your own mind the easier it will be to understand other’s because we all have pretty much the same default brain and many of us don’t do anything to change our default way of thinking. (how many people actually sit down and spend hours trying to figure out their own minds?)

One central thing people deal with all the time is self-image. This get’s in the way of truly understanding and sidetracks us all the time from our overall goals in life. There’s a quote “I’m not who I think I am, I’m not who you think I am, I am who I think you think I am” Many act on this idea the self-image they’re supporting is fabricated by what we think people think we are. So we can get defensive about our self image because we want certain feed back like that we’re already awesome or smart. This is detrimental because it really blinds us on who we are and it doesn’t give us a good understanding of ourselves. We’re constantly trying to defend and build up or self image by selectively listening to feedback and choosing what to buildup based on that.

Basically we need a different way to base self image.

How would we do that? what a self image that wasn’t based on already being the best or the smartest? (ya people would agree verbally but their actions don’t map out to that) by just declaring your self image is grounded and correct is obviously not good enough.

to get this answer much like any answer we don’t want to jump to conclusions. What if we started off by asking “what if” questions? see what questions do is they open up a space in our mind that can be filled in with the right answer.

If we focus on building our foundation and start building our understanding for anything particular in our life and never stop than everything else will fill itself in, in a faster and more effective manner.

our brain is by default over confident about being over confident. We usually always act on more certainty than we should. Example when people were asked to guess what their partners preferences were they were 10% more likely to get it right than people who were just acquaintances but their level of confidence that they had the right answer was almost 2 times more. the ratios just don’t add up.

I’m out of time… next post I’ll have to be more clear and focus more on one topic or one main thing. probably about self image and how we spend our whole lives as if we’re helpless but trying to cover it up by bolstering our resources. ex I’m not helpless because I’m super healthy or because I’m rich etc.



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