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Why Should a Business Invest In Having SEO Performed on their Website?

If you ask many small business owners in Abbotsford whether they invest in SEO they will tell you that they don’t – they think it isn’t helpful because they still rely on the more traditional marketing methods to bring in leads. What they fail to acknowledge is that most consumers are now shopping online and if a business is not there they will simply not put any effort into finding it – they will go straight to the next one that they can find online. If you have been ignoring SEO in Abbotsford you have lost a lot of business to your competitors who haven’t. Here is why you should come up with an SEO strategy right away:

• As we have already mentioned most people are now shopping online. Doing things such as taking out ads in magazines and newspapers or even on radio or TV will not help. These traditional marketing methods fail today for two reasons. The first is that they are not where users are looking – most consumers are buying directly from websites. The second reason is that consumers are jaded by traditional marketing – they will not pay attention to ads that aren’t online.

• SEO has a very high return on investment – you will spend less than you would on traditional marketing and the results will keep coming in for years to come. If, for instance, you decide to take out a TV commercial you will be paying tens of thousands of dollars for just a single slot that lasts 30 seconds and you aren’t even sure whether users are looking at it. If, on the other hand, you hire an SEO firm you will pay a lot less and you will get results for a long time to come.

• SEO is great because it gives all businesses a level playing field. Maybe your business was unable to grow in the past because other bigger businesses that sell similar products or services have a bigger marketing budget. Today, it doesn’t matter how big or small a company is – if they want to get leads they have to do proper SEO.

As you can see, it is high time that you started shopping for SEO in Abbotsford. Choose a company that is well known for getting good results. Make sure that you agree on benchmarks so that you can track their progress. You should also do comparison shopping to make sure that you get the best deal available.



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